Unlock Your Intercultural Potential

Empower Personal Growth and Cultural Understanding

The ability to navigate cultural complexities is more than a skill—it’s a necessity. The Kozai Group’s suite of assessments—crafted with decades of expertise and continuously refined to meet the evolving demands of society—empowers academics and corporate professionals alike to thrive in an interconnected world.

Why Choose The Kozai Group?

Backed by decades of research and real-world application, our assessments don’t just measure—they transform. Experience a personalized approach that celebrates your strengths, identifies opportunities for growth, and equips you with the insights needed for global success.

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Comprehensive Assessment Suite

Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES)

Designed for the academic and educational sectors, the IES helps turn intercultural encounters into learning moments. It offers a robust framework for students and educators to develop actionable strategies for enhancing intercultural competence.

Global Competencies Inventory (GCI)

For professionals on the global stage, the GCI is your strategic partner in leadership development. It provides a nuanced profile of your competencies, guiding you to lead with confidence and cultural sensitivity in international settings.

Inclusion Competencies Inventory (ICI)

The ICI is tailored for organizations and individuals committed to fostering inclusive workplaces. It assesses your ability to create environments where diversity is not just accepted but celebrated and leveraged for collective growth.

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Deepen Cultural Understanding

Gain profound insights into your personal predispositions and how they influence interactions. Our assessments equip you with the knowledge to appreciate diversity and foster meaningful connections.

Enhance Personal and Professional Growth

Identify your intercultural strengths and areas for improvement. With personalized feedback and development plans, our assessments are catalysts for your continuous growth in a globalized world.

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Drive Inclusive Excellence

Unlock the potential of every team member by mastering the art of inclusivity. Get a strategic framework to recognize and harness your organization’s diverse talents and experiences, building a culture of collaboration and innovation where everyone can thrive.

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