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What Are the Kozai Intercultural Assessments?

The Kozai Group offers three assessments that enable individuals and organizations to become more successful, inclusive, interculturally and globally proficient.

Each assessment is coupled with an individualized feedback report that serves as a catalyst for development. It guides learners through a self-discovery process to better understand their results and to develop strategies for improving on global, inclusive and intercultural competencies. The feedback report includes a personal development plan that asks individuals to identify action plans, practices, and accountability measures to enhance their growth and development.

The Kozai Group Intercultural Assessment Tools

Intercultural Effectiveness Scale

Prepare students for a global workforce and cross-culture experiences by deepening their understanding of intercultural competence. The intercultural effective scale (IES) evaluates competencies critical for effective interaction with people who are different from oneself. These differences can originate from national culture, ethnicity, generation, religion, or other group differences.

The IES can be used by professors and study abroad program managers to assess students’ current levels of intercultural capabilities and shows them how they can develop these capabilities during a course or study abroad experience.

Global Competencies Inventory

Organizations realize that without leaders who can operate successfully at an international level, their business may not thrive. They cannot train their leaders to be global leaders unless they first know which areas, or competencies they need to improve.

The GCI can be used by human resources professionals and consultants who are preparing expatriates for assignments overseas.

Inclusion Competencies Inventory

Creating a working environment where each person can feel comfortable, valued and accepted is critical for a thriving, successful workplace. The Inclusion Competencies Inventory (ICI) helps people become aware of their existing inclusion competency levels and provides a roadmap toward improvement

The ICI can be used by diversity, equity and inclusion professionals, human resource managers and DEI consultants, to assess competencies associated with effective inclusive behavior.

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What Can You Achieve With The Kozai Group Intercultural Assessments?

Prepares Students for a Global Workplace

The assessment provides students with feedback on their current levels of intercultural capabilities and shows them how to develop these during a course. Once students take the assessment, activities can be incorporated into a syllabus to reinforce its lessons, expand global understanding, build intercultural capacity and meet accreditation requirements.

Measure the Effectiveness of Your International and DEI Programs

Measure whether or not current intercultural, global or diversity and inclusion programs are effective with the ability to provide pre-and post-assessments. Awareness of each individual’s level of inclusive competencies and strengths and weaknesses is the first step to any meaningful change towards a more inclusive, equitable, and interculturally competent program.

Train Employees to Become Global Leaders

The assessment helps build global leaders who possess not only the culture-to-culture skills of expatriates, but competencies that enable leaders to be effective in culture-to-“multiple simultaneous cultures” scenarios where diverse national, ethnic, religious and professional cultures may be working together.

Prepare Expatriates for Assignments Overseas

By identifying the level of competencies each individual has, you can determine if the individual is the right fit for an overseas assignment or if you need to continue your search. Additionally, the results can help increase the success rate of deployment and performance.

Recruit and Retain Diverse Talent

Understanding, through an assessment, a candidate’s competency level is key to ensuring that your recruitment efforts are successful and will ultimately help to increase the effectiveness of your overall recruitment programs. By comparing the results of candidates you can make an accurate and reliable prediction of a global leader´s future success in a position that involves working in a multicultural environment.

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The Kozai Group Helps People Become Aware of Their Inclusive, Intercultural, and Global Competency Levels

Using the highest standards available in the social sciences, the Kozai Group built three accurate and relevant intercultural assessments that help people become aware of their existing inclusive, intercultural, and global competency levels, with assessment reports serving as catalysts that enable people to become more successful, inclusive, and interculturally and globally proficient.

The Kozai Group has an aggregate of 45 years of living and working abroad, including 145 combined years of conducting intercultural research and training. They have published 25 books and over 200 scholarly journal articles, including several widely cited pioneering studies in the areas of international management and intercultural effectiveness.

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