Kozai assessments measure how well individuals are equipped for global work and lay a path for developing global talent.

Become A Consultant

Over 100 independent consultants are administrators of the Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) and use this assessment with many of their clients.

Become a qualified administrator of the GCI by taking part in a qualification seminar offered through Kozai Group in conjunction with the Intercultural Communication Institute. Seminars are offered both on-site and online. Join our next seminar!

Expand Your Global Qualifications

Start using the Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) by attending a GCI Qualifying Seminar and expand you work with executive, managers and other global workers to develop their global skills.

To enroll in a seminar or find out more information about them please contact us at: 503-297-4622 or kozai@intercultural.org.  Join the many organizations that have sent their staff to GCI Qualifying Seminars, including: logos


Qualifying Seminars

March 17-18, 2018 – Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
July 21-22, 2018 – Portland, Oregon, USA

$1,500 (Business Rate)
$1,200 (Academic/NGO/Govt. Rate)

Register online at http://intercultural.org/kozai-registration.html  or call 503-297-4622

If you are already trained to use the GCI and would like to attend a refresher, your special Alumni Rate is only $250 for the GCI Qualifying Seminar. The Alumni Rate for the IES workshop is only $150.