Kozai assessments measure how well individuals are equipped for global work and lay a path for developing global talent.

Measure and Develop Global Leadership Skills

The Kozai Group helps clients measure the key global leaderships skills and abilities needed to remain competitive in the global marketplace for their executives and managers. 

We will:

  • Assess existing global leadership competencies of executives & managers
  • Design in-house training programs to strengthen global leadership
  • Coach potential executives & managers for global roles
  • Qualify & train in-house HR staff to use Kozai assessments for continuing assessment & training

Enhance Expatriate Productivity

A central challenge for global firms is the management of their expatriates and repatriates. We will work with you to assess and improve current strategies including selection, training, in-country support and reentry. 

We will:

  • Identify personnel with the potential to be successful expatriates
  • Assess current expatriate management programs & policies
  • Provide pre-departure coaching for individuals & families
  • Train expatriates & their families before their departure & once they are in-country

Intercultural Assessment for Diversity Management

Our empirically validated tools effectively measure intercultural competence and provide direction for training.

Our assessment will:

  • Identify diversity competence in new hires
  • Assess manager’s intercultural competencies associated with diversity management
  • Coach to enhance diversity management skills
  • Qualify & train in-house HR staff to use Kozai assessments for continuing assessment & training.

Expand Your Global Qualifications

Start using the Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) by attending a GCI Qualifying Seminar and expand you work with executive, managers and other global workers to develop their global skills.

To enroll in a seminar or find out more information about them please contact us at: 503-297-4622 or kozai@intercultural.org.  Join the many organizations that have sent their staff to GCI Qualifying Seminars, including: logos


Qualifying Seminars

March 17-18, 2018 – Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
July 21-22, 2018 – Portland, Oregon, USA

$1,500 (Business Rate)
$1,200 (Academic/NGO/Govt. Rate)

Register online at http://intercultural.org/kozai-registration.html  or call 503-297-4622

If you are already trained to use the GCI and would like to attend a refresher, your special Alumni Rate is only $250 for the GCI Qualifying Seminar. The Alumni Rate for the IES workshop is only $150.