Diversity Inclusion Assessment

Create an inclusive, equitable, and culturally competent workplace by deepening employees’ understanding of diversity and inclusion with the Inclusion Competencies Inventory.

Learn About the Diversity Inclusion Assessment and What It Measures

The Inclusion Competencies Inventory (ICI) evaluates competencies that are critical to being more inclusive with people who differ from you. We live, work and play within diverse contexts. The forms of diversity we encounter reflect a wide range of types: race, ethnic group, gender, age, religion, political views, and ability. Each type often carries with it a set of values, beliefs and customs that vary from one individual or group to another. When diverse people interact, an outcome can be confusion, conflict, or apathy while another potential outcome includes heightened interest in diversity, intriguing questions, learning, innovation, and synergies.

Other than significant historical and organizational reasons, what explains which of these two potential outcomes will occur? The difference between positive versus negative outcomes in response to diversity is an individual’s:

Attention to the differences involved

Understanding of why differences exist

Ability to navigate them effectively

The ICI measures these three key factors:

Knowing Yourself

Your awareness of “who you are”, inclination to change over time, and likelihood to be adaptive and resilient in challenging situations.

Knowing Others

Your interest in and actions to develop relationships with people who differ from you and your ability to better understand them.

Bridging Difference

Your interest in and ability to see and understand multiple perspectives, and your sensitivity to the inequity in power differences that are present in many situations.
The assessment can be purchased as a stand-alone tool or as a combination pre- and post-assessment whereby you can administer the assessment twice to measure changes, track progress and plot a roadmap towards further improvement.

Why DEI Professionals and Human Resource Managers Choose the ICI

Creating a working environment where each person can feel comfortable, valued and accepted is critical for a thriving, successful workplace. The ICI helps people become aware of their existing inclusion competency levels and provides a roadmap toward improvement

The ICI can be used by diversity, equity and inclusion professionals, human resource managers and consultants, to assess competencies associated with effective inclusive behavior. If you’re looking to evaluate the critical competencies needed to be more inclusive, to be able to measure changes in inclusive competencies levels, and/or provide self-analysis for improvement – then you’re looking for the ICI.

Awareness of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses is the first step to any meaningful change towards a more inclusive, equitable, and culturally competent workplace. The ICI includes 50 questions that take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and measures three inclusion factors across six dimensions. Once this insight is gathered, programmatic paths of both individual and organizational growth and transformation can be developed.

Benefits of Using the ICI Diversity Inclusion Assessment

Measure the Effectiveness of Your DEI Programs

By analyzing the data from the ICI, your organization is able to not only measure the effectiveness of your DEI programs but also implement enhancements that can increase empathy across your organization. Organizations with empathy as an undercurrent of attitude have more success when working as a team.

Recruit and Retain Diverse Talent

The ability of a workforce to be flexible, problem-solve, and work with others is key in achieving a high level of productivity and fulfillment in the workplace. Having teams that are happy and fulfilled can ensure you maintain a high retention rate of your top talent.

Understanding, through the ICI, a potential candidate’s level of adaptability is key to ensuring that your recruitment efforts are successful and will ultimately help to increase the effectiveness of your overall recruitment programs.

Work More Effectively

The ICI is an essential step to creating teams that work effectively together. While everyone wants to feel included, valued, and respected, some people think these values need not be at the forefront of a workplace, because the foremost goal of a workplace is to work. However, completing projects is often a team endeavor and the more a team recognizes, understands, and values all its members for who they are, the more effectively this team will work together.

Purchase the ICI

*The assessment can be purchased as a stand-alone tool or as a combination pre- and post-assessment whereby you can administer the assessment twice to measure changes, track progress and plot a roadmap towards further improvement.

How to Administer the ICI

Set up your online account in the Kozai Group Assessment Center

Upload the list of participants

Send out the
invitation to take
the online assessment

View results in the assessment center

Share results with participants


Will the diversity inclusion assessment provide feedback on how to be more diverse and inclusive?
Yes! The ICI provides the information organizations need to understand where each of their members is along the axes of the three key factors, as well as where they fall specifically along the six dimensions of the ICI. This detailed, highly individualized information gives organizations the tools to begin to cultivate HR policies, team-building activities, professional development opportunities, or seminars to help people work together to build and create equitable, inclusive, and respectful workplaces. Many times simply having the knowledge of what an individual may need to develop within themselves is enough to create major change within an organization.
Does the Kozai Group provide support and consult on how best to utilize the assessment?
Yes, we at the Kozai Group seek to create partnerships with our clients so that each and every organization we work with can work effectively across their differences so they can thrive in harmony. Once ICI results come in, we work with our clients to determine the best ways to move forward in ways to assist your organization be equitable and inclusive. We help organizations develop compensating strategies and work with them to improve their weaker competencies. We provide each assessment taker not only with a feedback report but a personalized development structure to become more successful, inclusive, and interculturally proficient.
How much does ICI cost?

You can expect pricing in the range of $24 to $30 for a single assessment, and between $40 and $50 for a pre/post assessment.

Please note that volume discounts are available for all types of accounts.

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