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Delve into 16 different dimensions of global leadership and understanding of cultural competencies with the Global Competencies Inventory. The perfect assessment for consultants and organizations who want to develop global leaders and prepare them for overseas assignments.

Learn About the GCI Assessment and What It Measures

Global capabilities are a range of cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills that lead to effective and appropriate communication with people of other cultures. Effective intercultural communication is critical in order to achieve the desired goals of the interaction. It includes behaviors that suit the expectations of a specific culture, the characteristics of the situation, and the level of the relationship between the parties involved in the situation.

The Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) assessment survey evaluates global competencies critical for effective interaction with people who are different from yourself and reflects 80 different nationalities. These differences can originate from country culture or from ethnic, generational, religious, and other areas.

GCI measures three main components of intercultural effectiveness:

Perception Management

How we mentally approach cultural differences.

Relationship Management

How we develop and maintain relationships, especially with people from different cultures or ethnic groups, and its level of importance to us.

Self Management

How we cope when faced with the challenges of living or working in a foreign culture.
Research shows that the GCI is reliable and has predictive validity, which means people with higher results tend to perform at a higher level in terms of intercultural fluency skills. It allows for assessing competencies that the current research literature shows to be particularly important for productive interaction with individuals who culturally differ from each other in global and intercultural contexts.

Furthermore, the culturally responsive assessment provides consultants, organizations, and managers with measures to help them create a baseline of self-awareness about the current levels of cultural competencies of people they are working with. This baseline of self-awareness acts as a platform from which individuals can mutually explore with their consultant and managers – using various methods and means – concrete, pragmatic “next steps” they can take to enhance their global competencies.

Who Should Take The GCI?

Consultants, human resource professionals and/or organizations can greatly benefit from administering the GCI to help global leaders break down the complexities of working in a culturally-diverse organization or setting, whether that be in a leadership position or working with global teams, to measure their ability to work effectively with others who are culturally different from themselves. Through answering 150+ questions, and measuring 16 different dimensions of intercultural understanding, it will become much easier to determine the level of cultural intelligence and competence of any individual.

Why Global Leaders, Organizations and Consultants Choose the GCI

Organizations realize that without leaders who can operate successfully at an international level, their business may not thrive. They cannot train their leaders to be global leaders unless they first know which areas, or competencies they need to improve.

The GCI is critical for organizations who are preparing expatriates for assignments overseas. These leaders come into contact with different beliefs, values, and customs and need to be able to manage the challenges and stress that naturally comes with such an immersion. The GCI works as a checklist against which a leader’s suitability for intercultural work can be assessed. By identifying an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, the GCI allows leaders to understand the areas that need work so they can improve their global fluency skills and enhance their productivity.

Consultants use the GCI as an additional tool to equip clients for overseas assignments or a global leadership role. The report and tools provided post-assessment, contain in depth actionable data, making it easy to guide your clients through their own personal development plan. Clients will be able to readily identify their global competency strengths and weaknesses and speak knowledgeably about their improvement, helping them prepare or get placed for an overseas assignment.

Benefits of Using the GCI 

Make Better Talent Management Decisions for International Work Assignments

The GCI is used to establish baseline information on global managerial talent levels for a group of executives. By identifying the level of global competencies skills each individual has, you can determine if the individual is the right fit for an overseas assignment or if you need to continue your search in the market. Additionally, the results of the GCI can help increase the success rate of deployment and performance. For example, the GCI can assess an individual’s capacity for foreign languages and the ability to remain calm and be resilient in unfamiliar situations or while under extreme pressure.

Enables Leaders to Be Effective in Culture-to-Multiple Simultaneous Cultures

The GCI helps build global leaders who possess not only the culture-to-culture skills of expatriates, but competencies that enable leaders to be effective in culture-to-“multiple simultaneous cultures” scenarios where diverse national, ethnic, religious and professional cultures may be working together.

Identify and Develop the Most Qualified Candidates

Comparing the results of the assessment amongst several candidates enables you to make an accurate and reliable prediction of a global leader´s future success in a position that involves working in a multicultural environment. Through creating and carrying out a customized personal development plan, the individual can work towards building the global leadership skills necessary to increase productivity and enhance performance and employee satisfaction.


The GCI continues to be extremely useful in helping business leaders develop greater intercultural competence. It helps our clients make better talent management decisions for international work assignment.
Mark Frederick, Ph.D.

We use the GCI for executive development throughout the Middle East. It allows the person to reflect and learn for themselves, assists in targeting areas for development, creates questions, and opens discussion.
Beth Yoder

A Meaningful Global Capabilities Assessment with Real Impact

The GCI is a proven, individualized personal development structure that enables people to become more successful, inclusive, interculturally and globally proficient. The Kozai Group uses the highest standards available in the social sciences to build and maintain the most accurate and relevant assessments. The validity and reliability of the GCI as a training instrument has been demonstrated in numerous studies.

Purchase the GCI

*The assessment can be purchased as a stand-alone tool or as a combination pre- and post-assessment whereby you can administer the assessment twice to measure changes, track progress and plot a roadmap towards further improvement.

How to Administer the GCI

Set up your online account in the Kozai Group Assessment Center

Upload the list of participants

Send out the
invitation to take
the online assessment

View results in the assessment center

Share results with participants


In what ways does assessing cultural competence with the GCI help my business?
The GCI provides the potential for significant return on investment as a tool for guiding organizations—and their managers—to create selection, development, coaching, expatriate management, and knowledge transfer processes that are built upon a clear awareness of individuals’ current strengths and areas for improvement. GCI allows consultants and managers to provide personalized development plans for expanding global competencies and determine the individual’s suitability for employment or overseas assignment.
What type of institutions/businesses is the cultural competence assessment best suited for?
Any institution or business where there are multi-cultural groups that need to work together, will greatly benefit from using the GCI
Will there be actionable advice provided after the assessment?
Each participant will receive a comprehensive report and an easy-to-understand, comprehensive self-development workbook that includes the assessment tools to create a personal development plan. The personal development plan allows leaders to target skills they want to strengthen based on their GCI results.
What languages are available for the GCI?
The survey is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese. If the language you’re looking for isn’t listed, please reach out as we add new languages frequently.
How much does GCI cost?

Corporate accounts can expect pricing in the range of $56.25 to $75 for a single assessment, and between $63.75 and $85 for a pre/post assessment.

Non-profit and educational organizations, on the other hand, will find pricing ranging from $33.75 to $45 for a single assessment, and from $48.75 to $65 for a pre/post assessment.


Please note that volume discounts are available for all types of accounts.

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