Identify what capabilities you bring to the challenge of being more inclusive and the steps you can take to develop inclusive competencies with the Inclusion Competencies Inventory (ICI). Learn more below. 

Evaluate competencies that are critical to being more inclusive with people who differ from you, whether it be race, ethnic, generational, religious, country culture, gender identity, ability, socio-economic class, political mindset, or other areas. The Inclusion Competencies Inventory (ICI) utilizes three Inclusive Engagement factors encompassing six dimensions to assess your inclusion competencies.

Knowing Yourself

Your awareness of “who you are” and your inclination to change and develop over time, as well as your likelihood to be adaptive and resilient in challenging situations.

Knowing Others

Your interest in and actions to develop relationships with people who differ from you and your ability to better understand them.

Bridging Difference

Your interest in and ability to see and understand multiple perspectives, and your sensitivity to the inequity in power differences that are present in many scenarios.

What Assessment Results Look Like

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