Initiate Your Intercultural Skills with the IES

Deepen your understanding of your diversity strengths and weaknesses with the IES (Intercultural Effectiveness Scale). Professors, students, career professionals, and consultants can all use the IES to enhance their effectiveness in diverse environments.

Research Studies Using The IES

Candidates have agreed their IES profiles are uncannily accurate. I’ve found it to be a great non-threatening tool to start talking about intercultural effectiveness.

Philippa Erlank

The IES helped me find what I was not aware of in myself and guided the way to develop myself as a global leader.

Breidi Truscott Roberts

As teachers, the information we gain about our students [through the IES] allows us to tailor activities and provide support resources to help enhance their cultural competence.   However, the IES provides students with an easy to understand, comprehensive self-development workbook which includes the tools to create a personal action plan – we believe the IES is definitely in a class by itself.

Elizabeth Howard, Martha Petrone

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