Joyce Osland, Ph.D.

Joyce Osland, Ph. D. is an internationally known specialist in international management with a focus on global leadership, Latin America and organization development. Joyce is the Lucas Endowed Professor of Global Leadership and Executive Director and founder of the Global Leadership Advancement Center (GLAC), which is housed in the School of Global Innovation & Leadership at San Jose State University’s Lucas College and Graduate School of Business in the Silicon Valley. She co-founded GLAC’s Global Leadership Lab, Global Leadership Passport Program and the Advanced Global Leadership Certificate. Her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior was earned at Case Western Reserve University. A former president of the Western Academy of Management, Joyce has won numerous awards for teaching, research, and leadership, including the Journal of Management Inquiry Scholar Award for career achievement and the Academy of Management International Management Division’s Outstanding Educator Award, the highest teaching award in her field. Joyce was a Senior Research Fellow at the Army Research Institute for five years. Joyce’s research interests — global leadership development, expert cognition in global leaders, cultural sensemaking, and repatriate knowledge transfer — focus on practical ways to improve global skills and organizations. She has over 100 publications — research articles in leading academic journals like the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies, and Human Resource Management as well as practitioner articles, book chapters, and cases. Her first book, The Adventure of Working Abroad: Hero Tales from the Global Frontier, (Jossey-Bass, 1995), has been used in corporate training programs for expatriates. Joyce has also written popular textbooks, The Organizational Behavior Workbook: An Experiential Approach and The Organizational Behavior Reader, and won awards for her co-authored global leadership books: Global Leadership: Research, Practice, and Development and Advances in Global Leadership, vol. 8. Joyce lived and worked overseas for fourteen years in seven different countries, mostly in Latin American and West Africa. She worked in the field of international development as a program manager, trainer and consultant and also spent three years as a full-time faculty member and consultant at INCAE (The Central American Institute of Business Administration) in Costa Rica. Joyce is a visiting professor in graduate programs at various universities around the world. In addition she does executive education programs and consults with companies, universities and global non-profits on organizational effectiveness and global leadership and competence.