Kozai assessments measure how well individuals are equipped for global work and lay a path for developing global talent.


Use our Global Competency Inventory (GCI) and the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) to discover critical leading and managing skills your employees have for working in cross-cultural settings. Health-care, military, government and humanitarian organizations have all used our assessments for training and development of their leaders in cross-cultural situations.

Intercultural Competency Assessment for Diversity Management

Non-profit organizations around the world employ a diverse staff and work in cross-cultural situations. The Kozai Group will help you:

  • Identify volunteers, workers & staff that have intercultural competency
  • Assess staff members with proficiency in managing diversity
  • Design in-house training programs to enhance intercultural interaction ability
  • Qualify & train in-house staff to continue intercultural education

Strengthen Expatriate Productivity

One of the central challenges for global non-profit firms is expatriate management. You will be able to:

  • Identify staff with the potential to be successful expatriates
  • Train individuals & families pre-departure
  • Coach expatriates & their families with in-country instructions once over-seas
  • Assess your current expatriate management program & policy
  • Qualify & train in-house staff for ongoing expatriate programs