Our Purpose

We help individuals and organizations work more effectively across their differences so they can live and thrive in harmony.

Our Mission is Two-Fold:

Assess. We help people become aware of their existing inclusive, intercultural, and global competency levels.

Develop. We enable people to leverage their best selves, develop compensating strategies, and improve their weaker competencies to be more inclusive, intercultural and global in mind and action.

We Accomplish Them Through:

Pre- and post-assessment coupled with advice on programmatic paths of individual and organizational growth and transformation.

Feedback reports to individuals that serve as catalysts for development.

A proven, individualized personal development structure that enables people to become more successful, inclusive, and interculturally and globally proficient.

Our Values

We are guided by the following values:

Fostering self-learning and development by honoring personal agency and accountability.

Believing in the importance of inclusion so that people feel accepted, respected, and valued.

Believing that most people mean well and desire to grow in their ability to work and live productively with those who differ from them.

Using the highest standards available in the social sciences to build and maintain the most accurate and relevant assessments.

Being as helpful as possible to managers, consultants, trainers, administrators, teachers, researchers, and those who take our assessments.

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