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Assessment Center Dashboard Overview

The Kozai Group Assessment center will allow you to add assessment respondents, send out invitations, and be able to manage assessment results from respondents. Find a video overview below followed by images and text.

When you first log in to the Assessment Center you will see the home dashboard.

At the very top of the Assessment Center Home Dashboard, you will see:

  • Total Active Campaigns – The number of times you have emailed about the assessment/s you are sharing. If you have invited your assessment group to take the assessment 1 time this number would be 1.
  • Total Responses – The number of times the assessment/s have been taken. If you invited 20 people to take the assessment, 10 people started the assessment and 3 people have completed it, you will see 3.
  • Used Licenses – The number of licenses that have been used. If you invited 20 people to take the assessment, 10 people started the assessment and 3 people have completed it, you will see 20 of your licenses have been used.

You’ll have access to:

  • Users – Any additional people who can help you manage your respondents, invitations, and responses.
  • Assessments – The assessments you have available to share.
  • Respondents – The people who you are wanting to invite to take an assessment.
  • Campaigns – Where you will create and send the invitations for people to take the assessment.
  • Notifications – Where you can see who has taken the assessments.

You can access these different areas two ways: on the left-hand side menu and directly from the home dashboard:


How To Add Respondents/People To Your Group

Before you can share the assessment with your respondents or group members you need to add your respondents or group members to the Assessment Center. To do this, make sure you are logged into the Assessment Center and follow along with the video or text instructions below.

To add respondents or group members to the Assessment Center, navigate to the Respondent Management area, click on either the Respondent button on the left-hand navigation or the Respondent management section in your home dashboard.

Once you’re in the Respondent Management section, if you have more than 4-5 respondents or group members, you’ll want to start by creating a list. A list allows you to more easily send out your assessment to your group. Click on the List tab and select “Add List”.

Name your list and click on “Add List”.

Next, click on Respondents and you will have two options to add respondents, either through a CSV or one by one.

If you want to import via CSV file, you can download an example CSV by clicking here. You will want to make sure you have the respondent’s first name, last name, and email. When you import your CSV list, you’ll be able to choose the list you want to add them to.

If you add respondents individually, you will need to add their first name, email, and have the ability to add them to a list or not. Make sure you click “Add Respondent” at the bottom of the screen when each field is filled in.


Once you have added your respondents, refresh the webpage and you will see all of your new respondents added to the Assessment Center.

How To Invite People To Take The Assessment

Once you have your respondents or group members to the Assessment Center, you can now invite them to take an assessment or group of assessments through Campaigns. Follow along with the video or text instructions below.

To invite your respondents or group members to take the assessment or assessments, start by navigating to Campaigns by either clicking on the button on the left-hand navigation or clicking on the Campaigns section on the home dashboard.

Once in the Campaign area, select “Add Campaign”. This will allow you to choose the assessment or group of assessments, respondents, and write an additional message in your invitation to take the assessment.

The first step is adding a campaign name, this can simply be “Group 1 Invite” or anything more specific for your needs. Next, choose the assessment you want to invite them to take (this will only show the assessments you have access to and only if you have not used all your licenses). When you have completed those steps, click “Next”.

You then will have the option to personalize your invitation by adding in an email subject line, an introduction message that shows above the link to take the assessment, and a closing message where you can include a message and email signature.

As you make updates to your email, you will see it reflected on the right-hand side of the screen. You do not need to worry about linking the assessment in the email, that is included for you.



You’ll continue to step 3 that allows the system to send reminder emails to take the assessment or not. If you select this, a reminder email will be sent every 3 weeks for pending responses.

Lastly, you are ready to send your invitation to take the assessment. To send click on the “Send Invitations” button.

NOTE: The email will come from “”.

You will then see your Campaign, or invitation, reflected in the Campaign section. You can click on the “Details” button and see your campaign details, who it was sent to, and if they have taken the assessment or not.

Your invitations will appear in your respondent’s inbox from you and look like this:

NOTE: Once a respondent clicks on the link in their email they need to take the assessment in full. They will not be able to come back to the assessment at a later date or be able to use that link again.


How To Create/Issue A New Access Code

Occasionally you may have a respondent experience that their access code does not work. If they receive this error, they need to be issued a new access code.

To do this, go into your account and head to “Respondent Management”. Search for the respondent who needs a new access code and click “Details”.

Then click on “Invitations” and “Invitation Details”. It should look like below.

Click on “Actions” and “Generate new access code” which will resend the email to your respondent.


How To Review The Assessment Results

After you’ve added your respondents and sent out your invitations to take an assessment, you will want to view the assessment results.

Follow along with the video or text and images below to see how to do this.

There are a few different places to find assessment results:

Option 1:

The first place to turn for all results is under Assessments which you can access in your Home Dashboard or on the left-hand side navigation.

Once in the Assessment section, click on details.

You’ll then be able to download a CSV file of all your respondent’s results. This will not differentiate between Groups or Lists you have created within your respondents.

Option 2:

You can access individual respondents’ assessment results by navigating to “Campaigns” on the home dashboard or the left-hand side navigation.

Click on “Details” next to the invitation list you want to review.

Under “Audience” click the arrow to expand the area.

You then can see everyone who has taken the assessment and be able to click on the three dots at the end of their row and be able to download their results.

Option 3:

You can go straight to an individual’s assessment results by going to “Respondents” on the home dashboard or the left-hand side navigation.

Navigate to the respondent you want to view and click “Details” at the end of their row.

Under the “Invitations” tab, click on “Details”

Then, you’ll be able to click on “Actions” and “Download Response Data”

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