Global mobility has undergone dramatic changes over the past decade, with several trends driving the transformation.  Among these are two in particular:  

  1. strategic talent management that shapes the use of expatriate assignments for development;
  2. data analytics that drive the evaluation of training and development outcomes.

Global firms increasingly hone in on quantifying the impact of expatriate training programs. The focus is on establishing baseline information on current global managerial talent levels in the candidate pool at the organizational level.  

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, global firms also need to identify what competencies they can develop and which ones they may need to seek in the market.  It’s the classic “make or buy” decision applied to talent management.  But to do so, they need accurate, reliable data that can reasonably anticipate future performance.

Considered broadly, competencies that reflect an ability to learn quickly and learn accurately, that enable effective relationship-building, and that facilitate managing of emotions are essential to expatriate success at the individual-level and effective talent development at the firm-level.

The Kozai Group specializes in assessments that give a profile of an individual’s stronger and weaker competencies in these three areas critical for expatriate effectiveness. The Global Competency Inventory (GCI) provides an assessment of three factors, comprised of sixteen specific facets, that have demonstrated reliability and are predictive of future effective global leader behavior both on assignment and following repatriation.  The GCI provides the potential for significant return on investment as a tool for guiding firms—and their managers—to create selection, development, coaching, expatriate management, and knowledge transfer processes that are built upon a clear awareness of individuals’ current strengths and areas for improvement.

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